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Pierce & Paris
Plastic Is Forever


Special Order teamed up with The Krim Group to realize BRS Convention's campaign Plastic is Forever starring Pierce Brosnan and his son Paris.

Read more on People Magazine

United Nations:
Climate Strike Campaign


Special Order teamed up with Interconnected and GOOD/Upworthy to help bring voices of young climate activists to world leaders at the UN.

The film documented the largest climate strike in history and was filmed and completed in 3 days, with crews in 16 cities around the world. It premiered at the United Nations Climate Action Summit, and helped bring the voices of the youth to the UN General Assembly directly before Greta Thunberg delivered her “How Dare You” speech.

Jack Black and Lil Bub
Save The World… Again


Even though Jack and Lil Bub’s film for COP21 saved the world last year, it turns out there was still work to be done. See their new campaign for COP22 here.

The Call Center


Director Aaron Ohlmann created this compelling 360 video merging moments from the UNOPS Call Center in Erbil, Iraq with scenes from the areas where these desperate calls originated.

This piece is part of a larger series of stories and articles published by Good/Upworthy.

Lives on the Line


A powerful short film about the innocuous seeming UNOPS Call Center in Erbil, Iraq which receives calls from desperate people throughout the conflict zones, reconnecting families, finding resources, enabling communication.